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How do I subscribe for new stories via RSS?

To get new stories via RSS, copy the link for the RSS feed you’d like to follow, and add it to an RSS reader like Feedbin or Feedly (has a free tier).

For example, if you’d like to find out when I publish new stories about my house building project, add the Family House RSS feed to your preferred feed reader. Here is a detailed but still accessible introduction to RSS and how to use it. Here is an even simpler overview.

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Family Home

What makes a building come to be loved?

Better Places

Some places feel better than others. Why?

Great Teams

What are common qualities of high performing teams?

Tools for Thought

How do the shapes of our tools influence the shapes of our ideas?

Mass + Text

How do thoughts become things, and vice versa?

How We Learn

What is the best way to reliably achieve virtuosity in a field?

Non-Human Personhood

Soft Power