How to get bottled water delivered to your home in Accra

Options for quick water bottle delivery / refills in Accra

UPDATE: It appears that Wewater Ghana has gone out of business, regrettably. Here are two other services worth checking out (Updated October 30, 2021)

  • Wasser Water: While I haven’t used them personally, a friend whose opinion I trust did so and had a very good experience. At time of writing, it costs 45 cedis for an empty Voltic bottle and 13 cedis to fill or refill a Voltic bottle (so a new Voltic bottle with water would be 58 cedis). The delivery fee depends on location - my friend paid 10 cedis for delivery. This is the Wasser Water Instagram page and their WhatsApp number is +233558753373.
  • Comme Les Hommes Ltd: I used this service and it went well. They don’t stock any other brands other than YES Water (they’re a YES Water reseller) so I had to buy brand new bottles. Each new bottle with water cost me 45 cedis, and it will cost 10 cedis to refill. There was no fee for delivery, and a representative was able to navigate to me using Google Maps and a WhatsApp pin. I don’t think they’re on Instagram, but you can contact owner Doreen on WhatsApp at +233244207127.

After my positive experience getting a gas cylinder delivered to my home, I’ve began actively looking out for ways to reduce the time I spend on various routine chores. One of those chores is refilling my water dispenser bottles.

I have a cheap water dispenser base, and four Voltic water bottles. Every few months, I need to swap out my empty bottles for new, full ones, and it’s a huge pain that involves getting an Uber, lugging my empty bottles into the car, finding a place that swaps bottles (sometimes they’re out of Voltic), lugging the full bottles into the car, and then lugging them back into the apartment.

It’s not my favourite thing to do.

Recently, Instagram served me an ad for Wewater Ghana, a service that delivers water bottles of different brands to your house. I tried them earlier this week and the experience was seamless.

  • I sent them a WhatsApp message at +233 59 691 4015 and let them know that I wanted to purchase four Voltic water bottles
  • A representative let me know that it would cost 52 cedis, including delivery to East Legon, and that they could deliver within two hours (they gave me a delivery window of about an hour)
  • I paid via mobile money to the mobile money number they provided and they confirmed receipt. I also sent them my location as a Google Maps link
  • Within the delivery window, a representative called to let me know that they were downstairs.
  • The two nice gentlement hauled four bottles of Voltic water up the three flights of stairs to my apartment and took away the empty bottles

That was it.

It was all pretty painless. I especially liked that I didn’t need to direct the delivery person to my location over the phone.

If you need water delivered in Accra, check out Wewater Ghana. They deliver other brands other than Voltic.

(I’m not being paid or incentivised to post this. As far as I know I have no association with the company - I’m just a happy customer.)

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