How to get your gas cylinder refilled in Accra without leaving your house

A handy list of gas cylinder refill companies in Accra

I recently moved into a new Accra apartment and needed to set up a gas cylinder for the kitchen.

Initially, I planned to purchase a brand new cylinder and then find somewhere nearby where I could get it filled, but then I wondered whether there was a convenient service that could handle this chore more efficiently.

After asking around, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were several services that do exactly this. If you’re looking for a gas cylinder refill service in Accra, here is a handy list of options.

(Please note: I’m not being paid anything for this. To the best of my knowledge I have no connection to any of the companies mentioned here - just sharing my experience for the benefit of others.)

Giant Gas

Last updated Dec 15, 2022

Phone number: +233541651651 / +233546225656
: @giantgas

I needed to find an alternative supplier after Purple Gas shut down (see below). I ultimately went with Giant Gas, primarily because their smart branding on Instagram. Here’s what pricing looks like right now.

Price of new empty 14.5 kg cylinder = GHS 500
Price of refill = GHS 261

Previous update from May 15, 2022

I haven’t reached out to them personally, but they were recommended by a friend whose opinion I trust, and their Instagram page seems solid, so it’s worth checking them out.

Laurel Gas

Last updated Dec 15, 2022

WhatsApp: +233552886646
: @cooking_gasdelivery

Here are the most recent prices. The main difference is that they price differently for the delivery fee.

Price of new empty 14.5 kg cylinder = GHS 450
Price of refill = GHS 275
Delivery fee = GHS 35 for delivery to East Legon

Previous update from May 15, 2021

Several happy customers recommended Laurel Gas. I was unable to reach them via their line at +233 55 288 6646. I think it was a network issue - it wasn’t that they didn’t pick up, the call literally didn’t go through.

I left a WhatsApp message, but I had already concluded things with Purple Gas by the time they responded a few hours later. It appears they service several people who are very satisfied with them, so you should definitely check them out.

Xpress Gas

Phone number: +233242439408
WhatsApp: +233505038047
Instagram: @xpressgasgh

Here are the most recent prices. The main difference between Xpress Gas and the others is that they charge an annual membership fee.

Price of new empty 14.5 kg cylinder = GHS 450
Price of refill = GHS 250
Annual membership fee = GHS 100

Previous update from May 15, 2021

A friendly lady picked up my call immediately after the first ring. She explained that while they do offer a gas cylinder swap service, they had temporarily paused taking on new clients. She took my name and number and said they would give me a call when they restart allowing new customers.

I’ve seen their vans around East Legon and team is always sharply dressed. They seem to know what they’re doing, and should be a solid choice when they reopen to new customers once again.

Purple Gas (no longer in operation)

Update on Dec 15, 2022: I’m sorry to share that Purple Gas is no longer in operation - they sent a WhatsApp this morning to inform customers. I’m leaving my initial impression below for archival purposes.

WhatsApp: +233542799758

This is the service I ultimately ended up going with, and I highly recommend them. I literally went from having no gas cylinder in my apartment to being completely set up in less than 60 minutes.

This is how it works: Purple Gas gives you a branded Purple Gas cylinder. When you run out of gas, they come by and swap out the empty gas cylinder for another. It costs GHS 99 to get a full 15kg cylinder.

The other thing to know is that they will take something as a deposit for their cylinder. If you already own a cylinder already, they will take that cylinder and return it if you end the service. Otherwise, if you’re like me and don’t have a cylinder in the first place, they take a 15 cedi deposit.

I strongly recommend these guys for several reasons.

The co-founder Lewis Kendah very patiently answered several questions via WhatsApp, and had his team on dispatched to my place literally minutes after our conversation.

They were able to navigate via Google Maps, so I didn’t have the frustrating experience of attempting to direct them over the phone.

At the list minute, I realized that I didn’t have a regulator (the fist-sized thing that goes at the top of the cylinder). It wasn’t a problem - they already have several in the van and I was able to purchase one for 25 cedis.

The very friendly representative brought up the cylinder up three flights of stairs and connected it to my gas stove.

Again, the whole thing from first contact to the set up being complete took less than 60 minutes.

If you’re aware of any other gas cylinder delivery services in Accra that you’re ready to vouch for, kindly let me know on Twitter and I’ll add them to this list.

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